gmwm - R package

This package provides a computationally efficient implementation of the classical and robust GMWM estimators introduced in Guerrier et al. 2013 (JASA) and Guerrier et al. 2014 (Aust J Stat).

simts - R package

simts generates various time series objects for use in other packages.

gui4gmwm - R package

This online platform provides an easy-to-use GUI of the GMWM methods and its extensions, that allows practitioners to load their calibration data, compare it to the datasheet specifications, identify and estimate potential models as well as select the best candidate among a given set of models.

panning - R package

implements the algorithm presented in Guerrier et al. 2016 (Front Genet). Joint work with Balamuta, J., Molinari, R. & Orso, S. A more stable version will be available on CRAN late 2017.

imudata - R package

This package contains a collection of inertial sensor datasets used in various published papers (e.g. Guerrier et al. 2013 (JASA), Stebler et al. 2014 (IEEE Trans. Aerosp. Electron. Syst.), Stebler et al. 2015 (IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas.) to allow to reproducibility of the presented results.

smacdata - R package

This data package contains a collection of time series datasets used for teaching purposes.

exts - R package

This package provides various functions related to time series analysis. This package is essentially used for teaching purposes.